Manjaro Linux 24.0 “Wynsdey” Released

Manjaro Linux 24.0, a new version based on Arch Linux, is here.

Powered by Linux kernel  6.9. This makes Manjaro 24.0 one of the first distributions to use this new kernel.

Manjaro Linux 24.0 “Wynsdey” Released

What To Expect On Majaro Linux 24.0?


  1. Improved Search: Find anything on your computer faster with the new global search feature in the file manager. It lets you search across multiple locations and file contents.
  2. Enhanced Remote Desktop: A dedicated remote login option allows for a smoother remote connection experience on GNOME systems.
  3. Streamlined Settings App: The Settings app has been reorganized for easier navigation with a new System section and consolidated app settings.
  4. Performance & Polish: GNOME 46 boasts numerous improvements under the hood for a faster and more refined user experience.

KDE Plasma 6

  1. Modern Tech Stack: Plasma 6 features significant upgrades to its core technology, including Qt and the graphics platform (for Wayland users). These changes enhance security, efficiency, and performance while maintaining a familiar look and feel.
  2. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support: Enjoy richer and deeper colors on supported monitors with Plasma on Wayland’s partial HDR support.
  3. Customizable Panels: Redesigned panel settings make it easier to manage panel behavior, including a new auto-hide mode.
  4. Improved Settings App: The Settings app is now more user-friendly with fewer nested pages, relocated buttons for better consistency, and sound theme customization.
  5. The Cube Effect Returns!: A beloved feature, the cube effect that visualizes multiple desktops, is back in Plasma 6.
  6. Smarter Search: Plasma Search now lets you convert time zones and offers faster search results, especially for applications and settings.

Xfce 4.18

  1. File Highlighting: Organize your files visually with custom color highlighting in the Thunar file manager.
  2. Recursive Search: Locate files more efficiently with Thunar’s new recursive search feature.
  3. Panel Enhancements: Configure panel length in pixels and keep the panel above maximized windows for a cleaner look.
  4. Control Center Updates: The Control Center offers new customization options for dialogs, file context menus, and multi-monitor setups.

If you want to download the latest Manjaro then you can easily download it from the official website.

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