Best FREE cPanel Alternatives In 2024

List Of Best Free cPanel Alternatives In 2024

This list of free cPanel alternatives is for those people who are tired of cPanel pricing model which once was free to use and looking for some best and free alternatives. cPanel is one of the popular web-hosting management control panels. which was once free to use. Now cPanel implemented account-based pricing.

List Of Best Free cPanel Alternatives In 2024

1. CentOS Web Panel

Let’s start our list with CentOS web panel. It is a free web hosting management cpanel tool.

CentOS Web Panel is a Free Web Hosting management control panel tool. If you are looking dedicated or VPS server management tool than  CentOS Web Panel is for you.

Install CentOS Web Panel:

For CentOS 8, Alma Linux and Rocky Linux:

At first,Install required packages for CWP installation

yum -y install wget

Run the following command to install EPEL repository to be able to install tools like wget:

yum install
dnf install wget -y

Update your system:

yum -y update

Installer For CentOS 7:

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-el7-latest

For CentOS 8, Alma Linux and Rocky Linux

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-el8-latest

Or, If you want to download the CentOS web panel and wants to install by your own then you can download the file from the following link.

Download CentOS

2. Webmin:

Webmin is another popular web-based system administration tool. Webmin lets you to  manage Apache, DNS, files etc and it comes up with tons of features. Webmin has a user-friendly interface that can be the one of the best alternatives to cPanel.

Download Webmin

3. YunoHost

YunoHost is another alternative to cPanel. It is based on Debian based web server management tool.  It’s easy to use web admin tool will lets you easily control and manage your web server or hosting.

Download YunoHost

4. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is an open-source web server control panel software. It is free to use and can be the feature-rich alternative to the now premium cPanel software. With this tool, you can do webserver management, DNS management, Mail server management,Virtualization and many more.

Download ISPConfig

5. Ajenti

Ajenti is a lightweight web-hosting management tool. It is an open-source and Linux & BSD-based web admin panel. Due to it’s light weight feature, it can also run on old hardware or hardware with low specs.

Download Ajenti

6. aaPanel

aaPanel is a simple to use web server management tool. If you are aware of BAOTA panel ( Popular in China) then this one is the international version of it. This can be the best alternative to cPanel if you are looking for one of it.

Download aaPanel

7. Froxlor

Froxlor is an open-source  server management tool. Froxlor is a lightweight server management tool that is also considered as an alternative to Webmin.

Download Froxlor

8. Vesta CP

Vesta is an open source hosting control panel. It is written in a bash. It also has popular tool Softaculous auto installer that provides you the feature to install more than 439 apps with one click

Download Vesta CP


Summary: This is the list of cPanel alternatives that can be handy for you. Let us know if you wants to add any other software in this list.


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