How To Install aaPanel On Linux ( Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)

aaPanel is a free and open source Hosting Control Panel. aaPanel is often promoted as an alternative to cPanel. aaPanel is a feature-rich free-to-use Webhosting software. It feature more than 100 functions like one-click LEMP/LNMP/monitor/FTP/database.

Some of the features that you can find on aaPanel are:

  • Website management
  • Database management
  • Filemanager
  • App Store

How To Install aaPanel On Linux ( Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)

Minimum requirements:

Memory: 512M or more

Hard disk: More than 100M available hard disk space (Pure panel for about 20M disk space)

SystemClean version of CentOS 7.1+ (Ubuntu20, Debian10). There is no other environment with Apache/Nginx/php/MySQL installed (the existing environment can not be installed)

Run the following command to install aaPanel on Linux-based operating systems.

For CentOS:

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash forum

For Ubuntu/Deepin:

wget -O && bash forum

For Debian-based operating system:

wget -O && bash forum

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