20 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is now officially available for everyone. You can easily download the ISO files or you can upgrade to your Ubuntu to the latest version. You can find number of new features and the improvements in the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

In this Ubuntu 24.04 LTS article, we will talk about the 20 things that you should do after installing Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

20 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

The very first things that you should do after installing Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is to upgrade or update Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

1. Update Your Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

The first thing you should do after installing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is to update your system to ensure that you have latest security patches and bug fixes. To do this, open terminal and type −

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

2. Install Multimedia Codecs

There are many proprietary multimedia codecs that you need to install it as they are not available on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS out of box, such as MP3 and DVD playback. To install these codecs, open terminal and run the following command.

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

3. Enable Additional Repositories

Ubuntu has several repositories and Enabling all these repositories will give you access to the plenty of amazing software and proprietary drivers. To enable it:

  • Open Gnome Search Box and search for Software & Updates.
  • Under the Ubuntu Software tab, make sure you have checked all of the Main, Universe, Restricted and Multiverse repository checked.
  • After doing this, move to the Other Software tab, check the option of Canonical Partners.
  • Once it completes, you’ll find more applications to install in the Software Center.

4. Install Additional Drivers

  • Open Gnome Search Box search for Software & update.
  • Click on “Additional Drivers” Tab and follow the specific instructions provided.

5. Install Gnome Tweak On Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Gnome Tweaks allows you to customize themes, icons, fonts, and even desktop behavior. Gnome Tweaks is actually already available by default in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. Open the Activities menu and search for “Tweaks”.

Alternatively, launch it from the terminal with the command:



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