Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 Officially Released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 Officially Released
Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.4, bringing new features and improvements to the latest RHEL 9 series. This update focuses on strengthening security and streamlining deployments. RHEL 9.4 also introduces several security refinements. For improved manageability, RHEL 9.4 introduces separate packages for the glusterd SELinux module and the library for OpenSSL. Additionally, the chronyd-restricted service is confined within the SELinux policy, and a new drop-in directory simplifies OpenSSL provider configuration.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 Officially Released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 Delivers Enhanced Security and Flexibility

Key highlights include:

  • Enhanced SCAP Security Profiles: Users can now easily add custom files to security profiles, ensuring comprehensive compliance.
  • Minimal Installation Options: The minimal installation now requires only the s390utils-core package, ideal for specialized use cases.
  • Containerized Keylime: Keylime server components, verifier and registrar, can be deployed as containers for greater flexibility.
  • Improved Hashing: The libkcapi library offers more control over target file names during hash calculations.
  • Granular SSH Control: The crypto-policies package allows finer control over Message Authentication Codes (MACs) in SSH connections.
  • Expanded SELinux Policy: Additional services are now confined within the SELinux policy for enhanced protection.
  • Dedicated SAP HANA Security: A new SELinux policy module specifically safeguards the SAP HANA service.

If you want to use RHEL 9.4 then it is  now available for existing Red Hat customers via the Red Hat Customer Portal. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.10 will be available in the coming weeks via the Customer Portal.

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