Top Free Linux Cloud Servers To Host Your Web Applications

List Of Top Free Linux Cloud Servers To Host Your Web Applications

This is the list of the best free Linux web hosting or cloud servers available on the internet right now that you can use to host your web applications for free.

Top Free Linux Cloud Servers To Host Your Web Applications

1. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the most popular web hosting services that you can use to host various types of web applications and websites.

If you are new to the Digital Ocean then there is good news for you as you can use it for free. You can get $200 free credits and the credits last for 60 days. You can sign up for Digital Ocean here to get the free credits to host your web applications.

2. Linode

Linode is another popular cloud hosting platform. You can choose servers powered by multiple Linux distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, etc. Linode is also easy to use and beginner friendly. AtozLinux users are offered a $60 free credit to use in Linode. You can sign up here to free credit.

3. Google Cloud Platform

Search engine giant Google also has a Google Cloud Platform that is slowly capturing the market of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google is offering $300 for AtozLinux users to try the Google Cloud Platform. It is valid for one year which is more time than other companies ( Digital Ocean credit is only valid for 60 days).

4. UpCloud

UpCloud is another free cloud hosting service that you can use for free. Meanwhile, UpCloud is not simple or easy to use as it doesn’t have preconfigured web services on a Linux server. APIs are also available so that you can integrate your apps without any complications. You can try the UpCloud service worth $25 for free. You can easily sign up from this link.

5. Vultr

Vultr offers $100 free credits to try their services. $100 credits are valid for 30 days. Meanwhile, they also have relatively cheap paid packages in comparison to other players in the industry.

You can sign up for Vultr free credit from this link.

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