Nitrux 2.8 “tf” Released With Linux 6.2 Kernel

Nitrux 2.8 is now officially available for download.

Let’s have a look into the new features and changes that you will see in Nitrux 2.8 “tf”. One of the interesting reasons behind the codename “tf” is that “tf,” stands for “tablet friendly,”  and the company says that the Nitrux 2.8 is more tablet friendly.

Nitrux 2.8 “tf” Released With Linux 6.2 Kernel

  • default kernel version is 6.2.13-1
  • Nitrux 2.8 ships with the latest KDE Plasma 5.27.4 LTS desktop environments.
  • KDE Frameworks 5.105 and KDE Gear 23.04 software suites.
  • Firefox version 112.0.2.
  • MESA updated to version 23.2~git2304280600.3fc4dd~oibaf~l.
  • The home and /var/lib partitions will now use F2FS instead of XFS
  • Inclusion of WayDroid by default
  • Support for NFS shares.
  • AMD Vulkan driver updated to version v-2023.Q2.1.

If you want to try the latest version of Nitrux 2.8 “tf” then you can download the ISO file from the following link.

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