HowTo Fix Error Code 42 On Disney+

How to Fix Error Code 42 on Disney+

In this post, we will show you the multiple solution for the error code 42 on Disney+. The error message on your TV looks something like below:

We’re sorry; we’re having trouble connecting you to the service. Please check to see that you are still connected to the Internet and try again (Error Code 42).

Some of the reason for the Code 42 error :

  • Disney Server Technical Issues
  • Issue With Wi-Fi Signal.
  • Slow Internet Connection
  • Unstable Internet Connection

How To Fix Error Code 42 On Disney+

Let’s troubleshoot the Code 42 error on Disney+. Our solution will be based on the reason that we have mentioned above.

Make sure that your Disney+ app is updated to the latest version. If your app is not updated then you should go to your device’s app store and update it immediately. Now, try using it and we hope that the issue get solved. If you went through the issue again, then make sure that your internet is in good condition. To confirm it, Test your internet speed and connection. Sometime you might need to restart your internet router as too much uptime of router might leads towards the slow internet as it hangs up.

After restarting the internet router,  Relaunch the Disney+ application and try watching your content again. If you are using a desktop to stream, refresh the website and attempt to play the title again. In another method, If using a streaming device and not a web browser, uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ application.

Sometime Disney+ gets down and you might not know about it so use a web app like Downdetector to figure out if Disney+ is having issues. If there is issue then you will need to wait until the issue is resolved by the company.

Meanwhile, if you still struggle with the error code 42, then it is recommended that you contact Disney+ and report the issue to receive further assistance.

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