BunsenLabs Linux Boron Released

BunsenLabs Linux Boron Released

Based on Debian 12 “Bookworm”, BunsenLabs Linux Boron is now available for the download. It is a light-weight and easily customizable community driven Openbox desktop.

What To Expect On BunsenLabs Linux Boron?

  • A stylish new GUI “Boron-aqua” inspired by Juliette Taka’s Emerald Debian wallpaper.
  • the Numix icon theme with some custom BL colors
  • Dark red alternative theme set with no icons and horizontal tint2.
  • a menu with icons, using the Material-Solarized-Suru++ icon theme
  • An improved keybinds menu is now also under User Settings.
  • A new utility “bunsen-apt-update-checker” to notify users when package updates are available.
  • powered by the long-term supported Linux 6.1 LTS kernel series, which will receive updates until December 2026.
  • Additional desktop-, multimedia- and hardware-related packages come pre-installed to offer a better “out-of-the-box” experience.

How To Install  BunsenLabs Linux Boron

You can download the BunsenLabs Linux Boron from the following download link.

BunsenLabs Linux Boron ISO

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