Use ChatGPT With Siri On iPhone In 2024

Use ChatGHow To Use ChatGPT With Siri On iPhone With Siri On iPhone

The way we use the Internet to search for anything is changing because to ChatGPT. Its incredible AI technology allows you to find nearly every answer to your query. If you’re an iPhone user looking for a simple way to use ChatGPT, this article is for you.

Use ChatGPT With Siri On iPhone

In this tutorial, we will show you the step by step method to use ChatGPT on iPhone.  You can easily install the official ChatGPT app from app store for iPhone and use it by logging with your account.

In another method, you can use the third party app called SiriPro.

1. Download the Siri Pro shortcut and wait for a while and  don’t run it yet.

2. Now you need to log in to your OpenAI account and go to the OpenAI API keys page. From here you need to get a Secret Key. After logging to the dashboard in OpenAPI, you will see the option to “Create new secret key.”

Click on it to generate an API key to use with Siri Pro that you have installed in the above step. Once done, copy the OpenAI API key and paste it somewhere as you cannot copy the same API key again.

3. Open the Shortcuts app to access the downloaded Siri Pro shortcut. Tap the three dots to open the shortcut’s settings. There will see a different dialog box.

4. Under the second dialog box titled “Text“, you will see the message – “Insert ChatGPT API Key here.” Paste your previously copied API key here and tap “Done” at the top right of the screen.

5. Now, you can easily use ChatGPT as ChatGPT has now been integrated with Siri on your iPhone. If you want to use it without any limitation then it’s better to buy the ChatGPT pro subscription to avoid the traffic limit.



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