Linux Kernel 5.15 Released

Creator of the Linux operating system, Linus Torvalds announced the general availability of Linux 5.15. Linux Kernel 5.15 is a long-term support Linux kernel.

Linus’s annoucement in email:

It’s been calm, and I have no excuse to add an extra rc, so here we
are, with v5.15 pushed out, and the merge window starting tomorrow.

Which is going to be a bit inconvenient for me, since I also have some
conference travel coming up. But it’s only a couple of days and I’ll
have my laptop with me. Sometimes the release timing works out, and
sometimes it doesn’t..

Anyway, the last week of 5.15 was mainly networking and gpu fixes,
with some random sprinkling of other things (a few btrfs reverts, some
kvm updates, minor other fixes here and there – a few architecture
fixes, couple of tracing, small driver fixes etc). Full shortlog

This release may have started out with some -Werror pain, but it
calmed down fairly quickly and on the whole 5.15 was fair small and
calm. Let’s hope for more of the same – without Werror issues this
time – for the upcoming merge window.


You can download it right now from the website. Before upgrading to the latest kernel, make sure that you have a proper backup of your system or important file.

Linux Kernel 5.15 Released

  1. Initial support for Intel Xe HP
  2. The new NTFS “NTFS3” file-system driver is present
  3. Alder Lake support in the TCC driver
  4. Support for monitoring of Yellow Carp APU temperature
  5. Implementation of the AVX2-optimized SM4 cipher
  6. Linux 5.15 I/O can achieve up to ~3.5M IOPS per core
  7. Support for AMD Cyan Skillfish graphics
  8. Support for the Adreno 680 and 7c3 graphics IP
  9. In Linux 5.15, The NVIDIA Tegra driver has merged its new user-space API
  10. No more support for Intel Cannon Lake Gen10 graphics
  11. Support for the yet-to-be-released “Cyan Skillfish” as a Navi 1x APU by AMDGPU kernel driver

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