How To Upgrade Fedora 38 To Fedora 39

Upgrade To Fedora 39 From Fedora 38

Fedora Linux 39 is available for download  from the official website . Latest stable version of Fedora Linux 39 is powered by Linux Kernel 6.5 along with GNOME 45. Meanwhile, today we will talking about the method to upgrade Fedora 38 to Fedora 39.

How To Upgrade Fedora 38 To Fedora 39

There are two ways to upgrade to Fedora 39.

Upgrade to Fedora 39 via Command

In Fedora, we need to use dnf package manager. dnf-plugin-system-upgrade is a plugin used to upgrade to the current release of Fedora. Run the following command to make sure that your system packages are updated.

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

Now Just in case if you don’t have dnf package manager then run the following command to install it:

sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

Run the following command to upgrade Fedora 38 to Fedora 39. If you are upgrading to Fedora 39, use the number 39 in the command:

sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=39

Once you proceed, it will download the packages. Follow the onscreen instruction like Press y and enter to continue. Once the download finishes, Reboot your system:

sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Upgrade to Fedora 39 Via GNOME Software Center

  • Start GNOME Software again, and in update section, you should see the availability of Fedora 39.
  • Click on Restart and Upgrade.
  • Once this process completes, your system will boot into the newer Fedora version.

Note: You cannot downgrade to Fedora 38 from Fedora 39. You will have to reinstall it.

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