How To Install VirtualBox On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS In 2024

How To Install VirtualBox On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS In 2024

VirtualBox is a popular system virtualization software. VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization cross-platform virtual software. It is available in both free and professional editions. VirtualBox is available for almost all operating systems and it can run smoothly on Linux, Windows, macOS, and Solaris-based operating systems.

How To Install VirtualBox  On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS In 2024

Download the latest version of VirtualBox 7 for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS from the official website of VirtualBox. You can download it from this link. You need to download the VirtualBox 7 DEB package file. After downloading the file, run the update command to update your Ubuntu and move towards the download directory.

sudo apt update
cd ~/Downloads

Now, run the following command to install VirtualBox 7 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Press Y to confirm the installation and wait for a while.

sudo apt install .virtualbox-7.0_7.0.4-154605~Ubuntu~jammy_amd64.deb

Wait for a while, your installation will be completed.

How To Start VirtualBox On Ubuntu?

Now you need to search VirtualBox in the application menu of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to access VirtualBox 7. Click on it and start configuring your Virtual box according to your need.

Summary: Tutorial to How To Install VirtualBox 7 On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS In 2024

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