How To Install ifconfig On Debian : ifconfig Command Not Found On Debian

Tutorial to fix ifconfig command not found error on Debian.

If you are a Debian user and trying to execute the ifconfig command in your terminal then sometimes you might go through the issue like below:

-bash: ifconfig: command not found

One of the reasons for the error “ifconfig command not found on Debian” is that ifconfig is deprecated for the new IP command. Yes, you heard it right as there is no such command like ifconfig for Debian-based operating system.

How To Install ifconfig On Debian : ifconfig Command Not Found On Debian

You can’t install ifconfig alone as it is now integrated with the net-tools package. So you need to install net-tools package to get the ifconfig command on Debian based operating system.

Run the following command to install ifconfig command on Debian.

sudo apt install net-tools

Summary: This is our comprehensive tutorial to install ifconfig on Debian which has been deprecated. You should use the IP command.

IP command is a replacement for the old ‘ifconfig’ command. It is easy to use IP command in debian. We have listed out some of the basic IP commands that you might need.

Command to list of various options and objects of IP command.


Command to list all the available interfaces on your Debian :

 ip link show

If you want to bring any interface down then run the following command:

  ip link set ‘iface’ down 

Similarly, run the following command to bring up any interface in your Debian.

 ip link set 'iface' up  

Run the following command to troubleshoot errors while establishing network connectivity:

 ip-s link 

Run the following command to display the IPv4 route table entries:

ip route

Run the following command to a temporary IP address to a given interface:

 sudo ip addr  add   ip_address to be assigned  dev  interfacename

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