How To Delete All Emails On Gmail In 2024

How to Delete All Emails On Gmail in 2024

Do you want to delete all emails from your Gmail Inbox at once then we have the easy solution for you. We have various ways to delete all emails on Gmail at once. Let’s have a look into the all of them at once.

How To Delete All Emails On Gmail In 2024

Let’s have a look:

How TO Delete Emails At Once on Web

It is one of the easy task in Gmail. You an easily delete all emails at once or in bulk on web.

  • Log in to your Gmail account using any internet browsers.
  • Once you login, You need to navigate to the “Select All” option situated to the left of the refresh button.
  • Now, Click on “Select All” to choose all the emails on the first page.
  • After selecting the emails, Look for the delete button. You need to click the “Delete” button. This action will remove all the chosen emails from first page in one shot.

How To Mass Delete a Specific Type of Email in Gmail In 2024

There are multiple ways to mass delete a specific type of email from your Gmail Inbox at once.Let’s have a look into them

1. Using Gmail Categories

Using Gmail categories, you can delete a specific type of emails at once.

  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Once you login, You need to click on the “Categories” tab from the left side of the Gmail interface. There you can find different email categories like Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, etc.
  • Choose the Specify category and delete emails.

2. Using Date Range

You can use this feature to delete emails of specific type at once. In the Gmail search bar, Provide the time valute to remove emails of specific time frame. To delete email before a specific date range use “before: YYYY/MM/DD“. and to delete emails after a given date, use “after:YYYY/MM/DD“. And if you want to delete emails within a specific time frame, input the time frame in the search bar using the following  format “after:YYYY/MM/DD before:YYYY/MM/DD“.

3. Using Labels

You can delete emails at once using labels option. From the left sidebar of your Gmail account and select the option Labels and Choose the label you want to remove.

Some other methods to delete all emails of specific type at once are:

  • Using Read and Unread Emails
  • Using Sender

How To Permanently Delete All Emails From Gmail In 2024

If you want to delete all emails from Gmail Inbox permanently then after deleting emails from inbox, you need to the Bin section from where you need to delete it.

Emails in the bin folder are permanently deleted after 30 days. So you need to delete it from Bin folder to permanently delete it.

How to recover all deleted emails from  Gmail in 2024

If you have deleted the emails from the “bin” folder then it is impossible to recover all deleted emails. You can only recover those emails which have been in ‘bin’ folders.

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