Fedora Linux 40 Beta Released

Fedora Linux 40 Beta Released, What To Expect?
Fedora Team announced today the release and general availability of Fedora Linux 40 Beta . Fedora 40 is the upcoming version which is about to be made available in April, 2024. Fedora Linux 40 Beta is powered by Linux 6.8 kernel along with the latest GNOME 46 desktop environment. You can also get the latest KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment on the Fedora KDE Spin.

Fedora Linux 40 Beta Released, What To Expect?

  • Fedora KDE Desktop now ships with Plasma 6
  • You can also find the latest version of GNOME 46.
  • You can find the latestCinnamon 6.0 desktop environment for the Fedora Cinnamon Spin.
  • Podman 5 for container management.
  • The AMD ROCm accelerator framework is updated to version 6.
  • Fedora Linux 40 beta comes with an up-to-date GNU toolchain consisting of GCC
  • The Fedora Linux 40 Workstation live ISO will be built with Image Builder.
  • Fedora Linux 40  will be built with DNF 5 and ported to modern C standards.
  • Fedora Linux 40 will ship with an up-to-date  LibreOffice 24.2 office suite and Mozilla Firefox 124 web browser.

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