Endless OS 4.0 Released : Based on Debian Bullseye

Endless OS 4.0.0 is now available for download. Endless OS 4.0 is a major release and is long term supported version. Plenty of improvements and new features has been added to the new version of Endless OS 4.0.

Endless OS 4.0 Released: Based on Debian Bullseye

New Features and improvements:

  1. Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM is now supported.
  2. Linux kernel 5.11 and updated Linux firmware.
  3. NVIDIA driver 460.91.03, adding support for new NVIDIA graphics cards.
  4. The Shared Account is no longer created by default on new systems.
  5. The IBus-Chewing input method for Chinese Zhuyin was removed as it is no longer actively developed. Users should reconfigure their input methods to use ibus-libzhuyin instead, which continues to be included in Endless OS.
  6. ARM64 devices, such as Raspberry Pi 4B and PineBook Pro, are supported by Endless OS 4, but cannot be upgraded from previous versions to Endless OS 4: you must reinstall with a fresh copy of Endless OS 4.

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