CBL-Mariner | Linux Operating System Developed By Microsoft

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once told considered Linux is cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches and also labeled Linux users a bunch of communist thieves but now the scene is different as Microsoft is opening its door to Linux. Meanwhile, Microsoft has developed its own version of the Linux operating system for Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and edge products and services. CBL- Mariner is a Linux operating system developed by Microsoft. In July, the company quietly announced that this distro was being made publicly available under the open-source MIT license.
Microsoft released the operating system in 2020. Its source code is available on GitHub.
According to Microsoft, CBL-Mariner is being shared publicly as part of Microsoft’s commitment to Open Source and to contribute back to the Linux community. The CBL-Mariner ISO is UEFI-compliant and can be booted on any modern x86-64 PC.
This is a server-side Linux and not a Linux desktop. You might not be able to use it for your daily life usage on your laptop.  CBL-Mariner was created by Microsoft’s Linux System Group.
Microsoft offers two ways to use CBL-Mariner. The fastest is to build one of the predefined images. The quick start guide to using CBL-Mariner can be found here.

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